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Stop forced streaming channels in Live TV guide

Roku isn't allowing posting a reply to an old thread. So, here's the steps to Remove Streaming Channels from Live TV guide.

Settings > TV Inputs > Live TV > Hide streaming TV channels

These sort of options need to be "opt-in" by default, not forced on users automatically.

Roku Guru

Re: Stop forced streaming channels in Live TV guide

All the online retailers are a good place to review tvs. (You don't have to buy a tv to review it.). I remember when I bought my first Roku TV. I looked at the 1-star reviews on Amazon, and saw the warnings about Roku (not the tv). But, I figured the small percentage of the.... how could I get hit by a problem? Everyone else is madly in love. So, there needs to be more balance in those reviews. More of the dark side of Roku.

I really think where Roku is vulnerable (to regulation or litigation) is the way it pushes updates without any way to go back. Essentially you're on a "subscription only" tv. You can never connect it to the internet to maintain your investment in it (from Roku's untested updates), or you can go along with the Mad Hatter's ride until your tv is unuseable. You can never go back to the version of software that last worked for your tv, and continue to enjoy your *investment*.

I think that's the reality people need to be hearing. It looks like Roku TV customers can factory reset (and not connect to the internet, choose "do this later") and get back to a version of the software the tv came with. The most recent version number remains in system>about. But, it' snot the same version (I've done it, and noticed continuous channel changing works. The broken mute/captions isn't broken anymore. I think it just leaves the version number untouched.).

One of these days, this topic is going to pass by the wrong person (someone's brother in law whose pool boy knows someone who works in class action). I'm surprised it's not a thing yet. Your cell phone & laptop don't work this way. You can go back to an old version of Android, turn off updates, etc. With your computer, you can stay on XP or 7 as long as you want. They remain supported for some years after the release of the next version. (And, you can always install a lightweight Linux distro to continue using it connected to the internet. You're not forced to turn your computer into a large disconnected decive with 20% of the functionality you bought it for. You can still make calls and connect to wifi with your un-updated cell phone.).

BTW: Even disabling the pollution of antenna tv (with 1000+ streaming channels), your tv is probably still broken in a way you can't get out of. Favorites is gone. Holding down the channel-up/down remote buttons changes exactly one channel (no longer continuous). Channel changing is slower because the guide/info comes from an internet source (in a way that makes the guide info more important than just changing channels. If there is a delay in that data, you can sit there for a minute waiting).

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.
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