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Spectrum Internet Not Supporting Roku 5.1 Audio .... YIKES !!!!

I'm using Spectrum Internet and all my Roku devices stopped outputting 5.1 audio for NetFlix and Amazon Prime - I'm hard wired and  had been getting 5.1 audio until January but now my Roku Ultra only outputs a stereo signal - Checked and rechecked the cables and processor everything is fine - Pulled out an old Oppo BluRay with NetFlix and the signal came through 5.1 audio - Took my Roku Ultra to a friends and tested on another internet provider and the Roku passes 5.1 audio .... even wireless - Had Spectrum check out from their side and everything meets Spectrum standards ... their response is Roku device's are not supported by Spectrum Internet

I'm guessing my only option is to switch internet providers but before I make the move was wondering if anyone else had the same issue and if so how they resolved it ..... Thanks




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Re: Spectrum Internet Not Supporting Roku 5.1 Audio .... YIKES !!!!

You are lucky to even have spectrum, I could no longer download. Horrible. So all my TVs are a cable no no. Horrible. Be glad you still have the app. 

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