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Speaker Stands

Roku recommends the SANUS Premium Wireless Speaker Stands (model HTB3) (https://www.sanus.com/en_US/products/speaker-stands/htb3/, see it at Amazon) for their Roku TV Wireless speakers. I am wondering if the power cord for the wireless speakers can be routed through the upper and lower pillars of the speaker stands without damaging the cord. In other words will the power cord fit down inside the pillar? The center pillar is intended to be a wire management device in addition to supporting the speakers. Not only does the pillar support the weight of the speakers, but it also hides and protects any wires connected to the speakers. This provides a "clean", appealing installation while protecting the wires. I have heard of people attaching the wires to the outside of the post when the wires don't fit (or just simply letting the cords hang loose), but I think that defeats the purpose of the wire management function and isn't really a "clean" solution. Has anyone tried using these speaker stands with the speakers to route the power cord for the speakers through (inside) the pillar? Does the power cord fit inside the center post? If not, is there an alternative set of speaker stands that the wire does fit (brand & model name or number)? Any ideas? I haven't seen any sales or product representations concerning this topic anywhere and I am wondering what other people have experienced.

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