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Soundbar Issues - volume control lag, home button and power button not working, etc.

I have a Smart Soundbar. Was working great, then about a month ago:

List of issue:
- Lag when adjusting the volume up/down, several second delay when up/down on volume, sometimes the commands will stack and then the Roku will just reboot.
- Power button will not turn the Roku on/off, it use to.
- Home button will not change the TV input to Roku, it use to, light blinks on Roku when pressing the home button but nothing happens.
- Roku will not respond sometimes and will reboot itself

The soundbar was working great until about a month ago, then one day all of this. Its like they pushed an update that messed it up.

Roku support says it is the remote. But I tried the Roku app on my phone, which has a remote built into it, and it does the same exact things with the app remote. I also updated the batteries in the remote and repaired it with the soundbar, no fix.

They also said they were shipping a new remote but that was 2 weeks ago.

When I talk with Roku support, only via email, all they say is that they have updated my support ticket but they don't tell me anything to help. And btw, I don't know where to see the updates to the support ticket. I have looked, no place to see Service Requests that I have posted.

Has anyone been experiencing these things?

Can anyone help?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Soundbar Issues - volume control lag, home button and power button not working, etc.


Thanks for the post.

If you are in contact with our Support team, we would recommend reaching out to them for further assistance regarding your issue as they would best be able to assist you moving forward.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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