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Level 7

Sound leveling wont work anymore on 2 of my roku tvs!

I have a 40 inch sanyo and a couple of weeks ago the sound went off. I checked it and now we cant use the sound leveling option on our tv. No sound at all. Then just today my husband was playing xbox and the sound leveling on our 65 inch TCL went off too! Checked it out using netflix, yup no sound so I had to change it to OFF. So I guess this means that on roku tvs the sound leveling is an issue? How can both tvs have an issue within a couple of weeks of one another? So I have to call a repairman in to check it now?  I ordered them online from walmart and when I bought them Walmart offered no extended warranty with them. Walmart said that I have to purchase them in store to get an extended warranty which is garbage! Any way to fix this on both tvs?

Level 7

Re: Sound leveling wont work anymore on 2 of my roku tvs!

I recently had the same issue on my TCL 55”. I always had the volume mode set to leveling. One day to the next the volume wasn’t working, I thought that maybe the tv was busted. I switched volume mode from leveling to off and sound was back on. I would also like to know what is going on?