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Sound distortion & static

I want to cry! Very excited about our brand new Roku streambar. Got it all set up last night and all was working fine. About an hour and a half into watching this morning… There was suddenly static coming from the sound bar and now all sound is distorted. Like it’s coming through a tunnel. I have tried so many things and nothing is fixing it. Please help!!!

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Re: Sound distortion & static

For something to suddenly start while in use, that's very unusual. First I'd check to see if any sound or volume modes are enabled. I've never seen the streambar in use, but with most Roku devices you access them with the * button on the remote.

If nothing there changes anything, is there another TV in your home you could test it on? Perhaps try a different HDMI cable, and if you're using an optical cable from the TV to the streambar you might try a different one as well. 

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Re: Sound distortion & static

Had this same problem with the TV. Go to *Option, on menu go to Sound mode, select Normal. Next scroll down to Volume mode, select *Off. Audio is now cleaned up on TV.

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