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Roku Guru

Sorry, Something Went Wrong, Try Again!!

NOW THE D*** VOICE FEATURE ON THE REMOTE WON'T WORK!!   Every time I use it I get the same error message, even after reconnecting it! This is madness, scrolling through hundreds of channels, as it jerks & goes at a snail's pace sucks, and with the remote's voice function only working about 5% of the time, it makes what used to be a simple thing, watching television, into a daily ordeal!!


Plus, when I put on Broadcast TV, the Channel Guide will often NOT EVEN SHOW A SINGLE CHANNEL!!!

ROKU, will you EVER fix this mess???  I don't know if I've ever seen a more non-responsive company. And if this doesn't improve, I know a lot of users will be posting negative reviews all over social media sites, cause this is ridiculous.....

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