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Sonos Beam and Roku connected but no sound

I was able to connect my Sonos Beam to my Hisense Roku tv but there is no sound. 

It's connected through the ACR port and shows up in the CEC settings and the Sonos app says the tv is connected but there is no sound coming from the tv and the roku remote doesn't control the volume level.

Has anyone else run into thia before?


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Re: Sonos Beam and Roku connected but no sound

Did you ever find a solution? I’m running into the same problem

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Reel Rookie

Re: Sonos Beam and Roku connected but no sound

We are experiencing the same thing.  If sonos is disconnected tv has audio, plug in the sonos beam to hdmi arc and we lose sound. Can reset the tv audio video and the sound returns until the next time we turn it off.  

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Re: Sonos Beam and Roku connected but no sound

While watching something on thr Roku click the asterisk on thr Roku remote and turn “volume mode”  to another option (off, night, leveling). Btw, from what I understand this could mess up your surround sound and put it to stereo if you select anything other than “off”. Sometimes cycling the options fixes this issue. It’s very annoying. 

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