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Re: Something goofy with Amazon Prime Video and TCL Roku TVs

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I have the same problems but find if I fast forward quickly and then hit pause button it plays for a while.I just have to keep doing it. If I'm too slow I have to hit ok and then resume. It will play for a while.I'm not buying it's a bandwidth problem. What I find interesting is that  newer TCL Roku TVs don't have an amazon button ( I have 2 other TCL newer TVs ) on the remote anymore. Wonder why.. And how does amazon feel about that? They certain;y don't seem to care about this problem. I go to any  other channel and stream just fine. I can stream amazon prime with no problems on any Apple or PC device and of course any amazon device.  This has just started in the last 2 months. Everything has been updated and checked. I bought all those TVs from amazon-- go figure.

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