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Someone in my building is tapping in, on my Roku. How do I stop it?

Every once in a while, my Roku tv is making this very loud sound when I turn it on. When I try and change the channel, it's so loud it scares me! I just turn the TV off and unplug it.

Today my daughter, who also has a Roku tv, saw a pop up from Roku on her phone asking for an ok for someone to log in. This someone lives in my building. How do we stop this?

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Community Moderator

Re: Someone in my building is tapping in, on my Roku. How do I stop it?

Hi @G-Ma63

Thank you for posting here at the Roku Community!

We appreciate you reaching us regarding this matter. No worries, we'd be more than willing to find you the best resolution for this.

May we know what troubleshooting steps have you done so far to reproduce the issue you've been experiencing? Also, kindly provide us with a photo or screenshot whenever the issue occurs.

In addition, may we know if your Roku TV is connected to a private or public wireless network?

Looking forward to your response!

All the best,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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