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Software update failed overnight on TCL Roku TV

My TCL tv model 43s421 sn X00000FH2LX5 running sw 10.0.0 build 4209-93 failed to update overnight. For more than 2 years, most mornings, I watch over the air TV and switch to streaming channels. Today when I switched to streaming, my I noticed my ID and all of the apps were no longer present.
I was directed to setup my tv and update the software.I have gone through this cycle multiple times over the last 6 hours. I have system reset, power reset, move Ethernet cables, and nothing seems to work  

 It is like all the memory had been erased and I can’t restore anything. 

This is hardwired to my internet hub, which still works for my work computer (also hardwired), my tablet, and other devices. The internet connection appears to be okay. 

Any new suggestions?

thanks in advance

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Re: Software update failed overnight on TCL Roku TV

You mentioned "system reset" and "power reset", but have you tried a factory reset?  Does it have a reset button?  The manual states to hold it for 12 seconds, but I'd probably try 30.  Models without a reset button use a different method.

You may have to contact TCL:  https://support.tcl.com/us

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Re: Software update failed overnight on TCL Roku TV

Mine is doing the exact same thing. It has only been since the update. My TV was functioning perfectly fine until then. Roku told me that I need to contact TCL but it seems to me like it’s the OS, not the device itself. 

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Re: Software update failed overnight on TCL Roku TV

@dewhite765 @julmac

Thanks for the posts.

Can you please clarify when you state that the Roku TV failed to update? Were you prompted to update, or are you trying to update to the latest OS? Are you seeing an error message on screen?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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