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Smart TV's aren't "Displays" anymore?

When outages arise, I am typically understanding due to a basic knowledge of computer science or tech. What I have taken away from the outage was that this TV isn't a "display" to it's core. Stumped; are we moving into a weird future and this has to be accepted? A TV should display whatever is inputted regardless of "Smart Services" A Television should always be a default display first and then add the bells and whistles. Right?

I've seen a behind-the-curtain boot mode of a Roku TV. It was oddly familiar in layout as in, kinda looked like pi back there. It was in a "safe mode" boot. 

Suggestion: Make it possible to revert the TV to "display mode" when Roku Services are down or during the event of Safe Mode Boot. To allow users to use their TV's with DVD players, cable, etc. 

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Re: Smart TV's aren't "Displays" anymore?


Your Roku TV won't allow you to switch inputs if your network is offline?

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