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Smart TV Guide performance with OTA (ASTC) channels.

Multiple TCL TV's running Version 9.4.0 Build 4200-30

Coming from the perspective of someone who travels a lot and primarily is concerned with OTA content.

In the December Update several things have changed with the ASTC portion of the guide.

- The streaming channels appeared. I had to disable them.

- The ability to scroll back in time to see if I missed a show disappeared. Now it stops at the channel and provides an option to switch channel lists.

- Scrolling performance has degraded markedly.

The Scroll delay appears to be related to the changes made to the 'streaming' component of the Smart TV Guide for which I had to (Re) disable on all TV's after the last Update. This  scroll delay is quite annoying,  I suspect the delay is related to additional network activity required to provide 'additional options' for the content.

My two cents;

For those of us who have these TV's primarily for the ASTC tuners, network connectivity is probably minimal.  For me I often use my Phone's Hotspot to get the local guide. Since the  'additional options' for viewing content is of no value,  save the bandwidth and improve the scrolling performance.