Smart Soundbar will not turn on

I just purchased the Roku Smart Soundbar. I took everything out of the box and follow instructions to set it up. I plugged the power cord into the soundbar and then into the outlet. Then I connected the HDMI cord to the soundbar and then to the HDMI ARC porton my LG TV. Then I put the batteries in the Roku remote and hit the power button. I heard a noise that paired the remote to the sound bar. There is a solid amber light on the soundbar. When I press the button on the remote the light on the soundbar flashes white and then goes back to amber and nothing happens. I tried to do a factory reset by holding in the reset button. When i did this the light went from amber to white to a solid green. When I let go of the reset button the light went back to amber. 

Is this a defective product and I should probably exchange it for a new one?

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Re: Smart Soundbar will not turn on

Hi @Duke1127,

Thanks for the note.

Please send me a PM with your Roku account email address, and include the serial number/device id of the Roku device.

Please keep us posted.



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