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Small Home Screen 55S451 Roku tv

My home screen on my 55S451 Roku tv seems kinda small the icons or tiles are very small for the size of the tv.

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Re: Small Home Screen 55S451 Roku tv



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Re: Small Home Screen 55S451 Roku tv


Try performing a System Restart when this occurs.

Settings/System/Power/System Restart


Not sure why this occurs to some users, but usually the System Restart fixes it.  On the RokuTV, some notice it when changing between HDMI sources (especially when using game consoles).

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Re: Small Home Screen 55S451 Roku tv

The system restart worked for me, thanks 

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Re: Small Home Screen 55S451 Roku tv

This did not work for me. It have 4 icons acriss instead of the 3 i ons across I formerly had. Being low-vision it is more than an annoyance. Any other ideas on how to get it back to 3 icons across?

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Re: Small Home Screen 55S451 Roku tv

Hi @jacob1017,

We just wanted to say thank you for reaching out and for your attempts at resolving this.

Could you tell us when you started seeing issues occur? What are the exact steps that led you to this?

Let's see if this works for you. Try to unplug your Roku TV from the power outlet and rest it for at least 10–15 minutes before plugging it back in to see if there are any differences after doing that.

If there is still no luck, could you provide us with the device serial number that can be found in Settings>System>About?

Please keep us posted!

Warm regards,


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