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Sharp roku tv wifi issue

I have a sharp 50" roku tv, it has been a great tv for the last year, but i have begun to experience wifi issues with it, unfortunately it has no ethernet jack...

So this is what i go through on a daily basis.

I turn on the tv and wait for the 'not connected' to turn to the time, and make sure the led is not blinking, i then open a channel like youtube or hulu, and as the channel loads the tv looses wifi until i go home, then it quickly reconnects, and is usually good the rest of the day.

So i have called roku support, and they had me reset network settings and delete the channels having issues but that did not help...

I then factory reset the tv, which also had no effect.

Any ideas? I read a post about a tcl with wifi issues and recommends turning on fast tv start, am i correct to think if the wifi is failing, turning on fast tv start may kill the wifi faster due to being active all the time, or do you think it would be ok?
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Re: Sharp roku tv wifi issue

Hi there! 

Thanks for the note! Turning on Fast TV Start shouldn't have a large impact on network data usage. This allows your TV to be more responsive when turning on, and receive any updates as soon as they are available.

Have you called and spoken to Sharp Support yet to see if they have any other suggestions for your device? http://www.sharpusa.com/Support.aspx


Tanner D.
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Re: Sharp roku tv wifi issue

I’m having the same issue. The TV worked great for about a year then it started with Netflix first. It would run slow or not at all, and when I switched to Amazon Prime It worked fine and same with Xfinity Stream no problems. Only had performance or application issues with Netflix on Roku. My other Fire TVs are fine as is my 1 Xfinity box with Netflix. Only the Sharp Roku is not working. Then about a month ago the problem expanded to the whole TV not staying connected to WiFi and I have to manually connect every morning. All my other devices including my Insignia Roku work fine and stay connected. I’m getting to the point we’re I’m considering replacing the Sharp Roku tv all together. It’s ridiculous after only a year.
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