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Sharp Roku TV no longer allows me to private listen on HDMI

Last week I had Bell Fibe TV and Internet installed at my home... It was disappointing to find out that Roku does not have a app for Bell Fibe TV( unlike its counterparts like Fire tv or android platform s) so I had to purchase a Google Chromecast in order for me watch my Bell Fibe TV service there was no way on me watching it without this ad on.... At first everything worked fine I could watch content on my HDMI/Chromecast via private listening but after I factory reset the tv due to a lost email account that I no longer has access to... It no longer allows me to private listen on my Chromecast! This was infuriating for me and pretty much a deal breaker! Why does it not allow me to prepare bare listen on HDMI anymore?? The private listening option is now crossed out. Why would they limit Roku users by doing this? I know it can be done on my TV it's all frustrating now that I can't. Please help! Thanks.