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Sharp Roku TV issues

I am not impressed with my Roku TV at all!!! Me and my family have had the sharp Roku for about a year and a half and I honestly think it has made me not enjoy watching on the television. Don’t get me wrong, I love almost everything about this tv. I like the menu. I like how everything is connected and all that. Here are my major issues, and I have legit tried every single trick and restarts and reboots that you can find online. The remote lags. Really badly. I select an app or a direction and there is such a delay that sometimes I think it didn’t sense the remote or something obstructed it, so I hit again and then it jumps 2/3 apps. I have accidentally hit selected the wrong app so many times. That wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t take awhile for the app to load then takes awhile to return because the remote lags. The big huge issue I have is the sound. The sound levels are so off I can barely stand watching anything. I have to turn it up to at least 50 to hear voices clear enough, but then when say the Netflix welcome intro plays, it blows my ear drums away. So watching an action movie is near to impossible. I don’t know if it’s just my tv and I got a bunk one or something, but if this is how they all are, I won’t be getting another.

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Re: Not Impressed

I've had a Sharp Roku TV for almost 2 years, and haven't noticed any of that. However, my set is a 4K model, and those generally have a more powerful processor than the 1080 or 720 sets. Remember that the remote is IR only, so you have to have a clear path between the remote and the lower left corner of the TV. I also don't notice that with the audio. Obviously you've had it too long to replace, but I suspect there's something "off" with it. 


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Re: Not Impressed

I have this issue. I also notice that Netflix will stutter (no it’s not my WiFi) when starting a program. It will show the percentage on screen but will be playing. Does it everytime on the tv but nowhere else. As I said - a reboot resolved the majority of my issues

A reboot of my TCL roku tv will fix this problem.

I’m not a year in so I’m going to chase them and see what they say
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Re: Sharp Roku TV issues

Im sure youre not stuck with the Roku in your TV. Why not get a Roku stick or Ultra or something and feed it into a hdmi port?

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