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Sharp Roku HDR washed out on Xbox One X

I have a Sharp 55” 4k HDR TV and whenever HDR content is displayed on My Xbox one X, I lose all color variance. The screen becomes hazy and dull. Everything looks much better SDR on Vivid setting. Does anyone know of a fix for this? 

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Re: Sharp Roku HDR washed out on Xbox One X

@doogs Thanks for the note here. Have you tried contacting your Roku TV manufacturer to report the issue and request any support they may be able to provide? 

A few more questions here: 

- Have you tried adjusting your HDR picture modes during content playback by pressing the * key and choosing a different picture setting option? 

- What specific content are you playing on your Xbox One X when this issue occurs? (specific streaming app and movie title, or game title)

- When did you first observe this issue occurring? 







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