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Sharp Roku 50" 4k TV with various problems after recent system update

I have a Sharp 50" 4k Roku TV that has been having constant problems since a system update overnight Friday night/Saturday morning. 

My set up:

I have a PS4 connected to the TV via 4k hdmi 2.0 cable.

I have a Sony blu-ray/surround system connected via 4k hdmi 2.0 cable (arc).  

I sometimes have a raspberry pi system connected to the Sony surround system.

Since that update, I have experienced the following problems:

-VERY noticeable input latency from controller to PS4.  I THOUGHT this was being caused by something having to do with the sound, but I have had the problem come back later-I think it was related to the video settings.  (will come back to this).

-Last night and this morning, my TV began constantly shutting off on its own.  This only began AFTER I had gone and gone and changed a video setting.   (I have never had any controller latency with gaming mode off, and I never use it.  Also, I typically have my video settings on movie, or sports, or normal, and not low temp).       

I originally thought it had something to with a phone that was casting to the TV continually trying to cast to the TV.  That wasn't it.

So far, the only things that seems to prevent the TV from resetting is being in low power mode/factory default video settings.  ANY adjustment to ANY VIDEO SETTING outside the default setting seems to cause the TV to shut down.  We tried changing video modes as a test, and eventually the TV shuts down within seconds/a minute or so.  Same when we streamed on the TV itself using Youtube/Netflix etc.  It would eventually seem to shut down if the settings were not set to factory settings.

We have tried the following troubleshooting steps:

-Resetting TV to factory settings

-Using different cables to connect the devices, swapping the cables between the devices

-Completely unplugging my blu-ray/surround system from the TV, leaving only the PS4 console plugged into the TV

-Unplugging EVERYTHING and let it all reset then plugging back.  

-Shut down all bluetooth devices and devices that could stream to the TV.  

-Made sure all connections to the wall, TV, console, etc. are all tight/snug.  

-Ran both the PS4 and Raspberry PI directly to the TV with no other devices plugged in.


The only thing that seems to keep the TV from resetting is being in factory video settings and not changing anything AT ALL.  

I mentioned controller latency earlier, and I think that was also affected by video settings.  I never use gaming mode before and never had lag problems, but when I changed to either gaming mode, or low temp video quality, the controller latency dissipated, but I'm continuing to get random TV shut downs.

I've done everything I can to test out what would have caused this, and the only conclusion I can reach is that it had something to do with the recent update.  The TV about 2-3 years old and this is the first problem I've had with this TV.    

I'd appreciate any comments or advice regarding this.  Thanks!