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Senior Help Citizen help 09

We are retired seniors on a fixed incomes. We cancelled our Spectrum because the monthly fee went to $250 p/m. So to save we decided to join the streaming world with Roku. Now we have all these charges on our credit card and I am not sure we need all these but there literally is no one to ask because Roku does not have live help lines.

What are we to do?

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Re: Senior Help Citizen help 09

Hi @Summer09, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate you being part of the family. We understand you'd like to cancel some subscriptions on your account, so we're here to help!
We'll send you a PM shortly to help you out best. Keep an eye on your inbox for us. Thank you.


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Re: Senior Help Citizen help 09

Hi, you may have accidentally subscribed to a whole bunch of channels. My advice would be to delete your Roku account, and there's a reset pinhole on the unit -reset the unit then start a new account with a different username and then BE VERY SLOW AND CAREFUL ADDING CHANNELS and avoid "free trials" that you may forget about.

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