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Reel Rookie

Screen mirroring everything from my android phone to roku tv

I'm looking for an app to mirror my android phone to roku tv, not just casting video/images but everything including my web browser home screen, etc. as this particular phone does not have a screen mirror built in.

Are there any suggestions as I keep finding casting video ones/images only?


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Reel Rookie

Screen mirroring from Samsung Galaxy A13

Hi folks, I have got a new Samsung Galaxy A13 phone.  My previous A3 phone works fine to mirror to my Roku Express and my Hisense Roku TV.  I have tried various apps on my A13 (because Smart View is no longer supported) but none of them can detect either of the Roku's.  Samsung Smart Things seems to be only for Samsung TVs and Google Home detects the Roku to control it but not to mirror to.  What am I doing wrong or is it a problem with the A13.  Thanks.

Roku Guru

Re: Screen mirroring everything from my android phone to roku tv

Try using the Simone "Quick Settings" app to restore/add the "Cast" icon/quick setting to your Android 7+ phone:



NOTE: This enables GoogleCast/ChromeCast casting & mirroring by default - to enable Miracast mirroring, after opening the "Cast" setting, choose Menu (3 dots) then "Enable Wireless Display" (this will allow you to see and mirror to Miracast receiver devices such as Rokus).