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Satellite VS Live TV Roku Using my satellite data for

Our internet is Hughesnet.

Even when I have selected satellite and not live TV on my Roku TV streaming, the TV appears to link my bandwidth? 

Why is my Roku TV using the bandwidth of my satellite when I am not streaming ROKU or any steaming channel.

Provided it still goes through my satellite Internet provider? For example, a 25.0 GB in your plan began on December 14--it is now December 22. Every bit of that data is gone in 7 daSo we. We have 0 remaining of our monthly allot of data.

I think my question is simple. 

Does Roku use my satellite to stream our local provider?

Is there a workaround because I have used my entire bandwidth in 6 days.


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Re: Satellite VS Live TV Roku Using my satellite data for


Anytime the Roku is actively streaming content from your installed channels/apps, it is accessing the internet (just like your computer when using internet), and as such, is using the data allowance of HughesNet.  It is important to remember to hit the "Home" button on your remote when you are finished watching TV, so as to stop actively streaming and using data. (especially need to do this if on restrictive data cap allowance.)

If you using Roku to watch your local channels (installed channel/app), as opposed to an Antenna plugged into your TV, then, yes, Roku is using data when watching your local channels.  If you mean that you are selecting the "Live TV" option and only seeing the local channels (no Roku LiveTV streaming channels), then Roku is really only using some minimal internet data for the EPG (program guide) but should not be using any other internet data to "stream" your local channels.  You are receiving over the air content though the TV's built-in tuner.

I chose Rise Broadband (satellite/fixed wireless) over HughesNet for the reason you are encountering.  25 gb is not a lot of data allocated for streaming.  It is reasonable for normal internet browsing, some limited internet/online watching, etc.  Streaming online video content uses quite a bit of data.  Initially my Rise Broadband had a 250gb/month allowance and I had to monitor it pretty closely.  I didn't just have TV on in the background while working or falling asleep with TV on.  With a 2000gb allowance plan, I no longer worry about it and average about 450-500 gb/mo. (This is basically 2 tvs on at a given time, 720p or 1080p content).  This is also dependent on the video quality you are streaming.  If you stream at 1080p or 4k, you will use data much more quickly then if you set for 720p on your devices.

I am somewhat rural, but I can still use Antennas connected to my TVs for my local channels. (free, no data usage since "over the air"/OTA).  

There are a few different settings you can tinker with inside of HughesNet like the Video Data Saver (which reduces video quality to 480p to save data), but realistically, HughesNet not really geared towards the streamer.  Additionally, that 25gb allowance is really the high-speed allowance.  There is no hard limit on the data allowance...just everything now for the rest of the month will be at a slower speed.  You still have data and can access internet, just slower, unless you pay for more additional high speed data.  More info can be found on their site and FAQS page (https://www.hughesnet.com/frequently-asked-questions).  Maybe even call them and see what kind of adjustments they can offer to your plan.

Not sure where you are located, but I have been pleased with Rise Broadband. (mixed reviews online however.)  I chose them because much more data for cheaper price than HughesNet and they have improved their infrastructure over the 5 or 6 yrs I have had them.  As indicated, their Unlimited plan for me is 2000gb of high speed (or at least 25-30mbps average, 50mbps max for the plan I have...$60/mo).  Not fiber speeds, but I am glad to be able to get internet at all where I am. 



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