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RokuTV connects to WiFI but can't play anything

I have a RokuTV 6102X on a TCL 55US5800 running software version 9.0.0 build 4142-22.  I've had the TV for 18 months with no issues at all until Saturday.  My router was unplugged for a little while and ever since then I've been having issues where the TV will say it's connected but when I try to play something on any channel (Netflix, HBOGO, Hulu, etc..) it will either play for up to about a minute or won't play at all.  I get a message that the TV is not connected to a WiFi network but the TV shows that is.

I have multiple other devices (computers, phones, tablets) working on my WiFi with no issue.  Other strange issue is that my TV can no longer see the 5G WiFi in my house.  The TV is about 25 ft. away from the router so it's not a signal strength issue.

I have tried a factory reset on both my router and TV but I still have the same issue.  I've restarted my router and network connection multiple times but still end up with the same result.

Does anyone have any ideas for what I'm seeing and why I can't find the 5G connection on the TV?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: RokuTV connects to WiFI but can't play anything


Sorry to hear about the connection issue you're running into. Have you tried contacting your ISP and having them adjust your router's settings to see if they can help resolve the issue? We'd recommend trying to configure a 5GHz only SSID and attempt to connect to it. You may also try using both automatic wireless channel selection, or choosing a specific, static wireless channel (such as 149) to see if this restores proper functionality. Your ISP can assist you in doing this. 

Please feel free to PM me with your Roku account email address, the serial number of your Roku TV from Settings>System>About on your TV, and the make/model of wireless router you are using. I'll help take a closer look and see what other suggestions we can make. 

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Re: RokuTV connects to WiFI but can't play anything

Yesterday, I moved my router a little closer and plugged in a 25' ethernet cord.  The TV worked perfectly with a wired connection.  Just now, I tried finding a wireless connection and it found my 5G connection and everything worked perfectly.  I moved my router back to its normal place and everything was fine. I tried turning the TV off, let it set for about a minute, then turned it back on and everything still worked perfectly.  

Not sure what changed but my problem seems to have fixed itself.
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Re: RokuTV connects to WiFI but can't play anything

Roku tv 6102x

model 55us5800

software 9.3.0 build 4182-22

device I’d 549005648178

io addresss

i have the same problem 

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