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RokuTV can't see my wifi

Trying to setup network connection. Roku tv doesn't list either my 2.4g or 5g wifi signal. Tv and router are in the same room. Roku can pick up the 50 other wifi signals, but not the one closest to it?? I've power washed my router and factory reset the Roku tv, still nothing. What am I supposed to do??

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Re: RokuTV can't see my wifi

Does your smart phone see the signal? Maybe its turned off at the router.

Anyway there might be an ethernet solution. Thats all I use.

Wifi is very insecure.

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Re: RokuTV can't see my wifi

Not all Roku devices support 5 GHz, so that could be an explanation why it isn't shown. You didn't state what make and model Roku TV you have. Roku doesn't manufacture any of the TV hardware, so if the WiFi isn't working it's possibly defective. But since other access points are visible, that seems less likely. 

I would next suggest changing the channel your router uses. If your TV does support 5 GHz, try channel 149. Note that Roku players don't support all available channels in the 5 GHz band, but since the TVs are all built by different companies that might not be true for them. For 2.4 GHz, try a channel at either the low or high end, and if you're already at one of the ends try channel 6. 

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