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Roku wireless speakers in 5.1 config

So I was super excited about the new update that allowed users to add more Roku wireless speakers to their setup.  I already had the soundbar, subwoofer, and the two wireless speakers.  That setup is basically a 3.1 surround sound.  But like all things I wanted more. I got a second set of wireless speakers to bring my 3.1 up to a 5.1 with two in the back and two in front along with the sound bar and subwoofer.  I hooked it all up tonight and I am disappointed.  I watched several youtube videos to test the 5.1 surround sound and it starts out fine.  Front left sound comes out of front left speaker.  Same for center and front right.  The issue is when it goes to test the rear speakers the sound comes out of the front speakers again.  


So my question for anyone else who has done this setup or any roku personal who happen upon this post is. 

Is this a true 5 channel setup with each speaker acting as an independent channel?  Or is just made to look that way and you are just flooded with more sound, and the rear speakers basically mimic what the front ones do? 

To get this setup isn't cheap and I could have went with a stand alone surround sound system.  But I do love Roku since gen 1.  And I knew they were going to be adding the ability to add more speakers so I picked this setup.  But I am little disappointed with the setup I have right now.  Can I still watch a movie? yes. Does it still fill the room with sound? yes.  But if im being honest the surround sound "feel" was better with the 3.1.  It wasn't drowned out by the other speakers.


So please any and all replies are appreciated.  If I didn't explain anything well enough please ask and I will go into more detail.  And if you do have this setup and got it to work as a real 5 channel system, how.  



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Re: Roku wireless speakers in 5.1 config

I did the same thing, however, when I added my second set of wireless speaker for the front, they just overtook the sound coming out of the soundbar.  So I don't have a 'center channel' speaker.. my soundbar does nothing.  I am disappointed as well as I wanted to add to my system.. So where I stand right now, I did not need my 2 extra front wireless speakers. Sound is the same with soundbar, sub and 2 rear wireless.. 


I am totally up for someone to tell me i am not doing something right..

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Re: Roku wireless speakers in 5.1 config

Hey Andy, glad im not the only one having issues.  I tested mine with a youtube 5.1 surround sound test. It worked with the front left, front right, center, and subwoofer.  The back left then played out of the front left and the back right played out of the front right.  

This is the test I used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TX--Fku9NQ

Not sure if you have done that yet but I would be curious if you get the same results.  I have a ticket in with Roku right now about this issue.  

I do agree with you that having a 5 channel surround sound system is what I was after.  I feel that we basically have 5 speakers in the same room which is not the same.  

I hope they can get something figured out since we both spent a decent amount to get this setup.

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