Roku tv soundbar and wireless speakers

I want to get a Roku sound bar but I already own a Roku tv and wireless speakers. I don't know if the sound bar and tv would be compatible with each other. Also I want to know what would I have to do with my wireless speakers. Like would I have to disconnect them from my tv or something. 

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Re: Roku tv soundbar and wireless speakers

I have three roku tv's in my house that also have Roku soundbars. two have roku soundbars and the third has roku streambar just for better sound. They work great together, if you don't need to see the soundbar home screen, don't use its remote, just use your roku tv remote. 

Your Roku wireless speakers are being used as mains with just the roku tv. Once you add the roku soundbar you will have to pair the wireless speakers to the soundbar, now they will be rear speakers in a surround sound setup. Can't have both wireless speakers and roku soundbar pair to the roku tv, its one or the other. Since the roku soundbar replaces the built-in tv speakers. There are drowned out anyways by the roku soundbar. 

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