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Roku tv remote paired to a smart tv

Hello. I received the hisense roku smart tv for Christmas; and upon pairing its remote to the device, i noticed this roku remote controls a regular hisense smart tv, and it opens, and messes with settings on the smart tv, while I’m trying to use it for its correct device.  I assumed since its the same brand, that it is a partial reason as to why its interfering with the regular smart tv, but very unsure as to why a roku remote is controlling the regular smart tv. I looked through topics but haven’t seen this yet, so i was hoping someone could tell me how to stop messing with the regular tv, or if i need to switch to a regular roku remote ( if that’s possible) thank you in advance for any help. #HisenseRokuTv

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Re: Roku tv remote paired to a smart tv

Hisense Roku tv use a very old tv code set that is used by many other brands of like LG and Vizio. So it controlling another Hisense model of tv isn't unusual. You would have to abandon the Roku tv IR remote and get Wifi voice remote, pair it with roku tv. This would stop the roku remote from controlling the other tv, but there is nothing you can do to prevent the non-roku tv from controling the roku tv. 

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