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Roku tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

My sharp Roku tv is about 2yrs old now. Have had a few issues but nothing that can't be fixed. This time it keeps on disconnecting from my wifi So I reconnect and before I can even click on the Netflix button it disconnects again. I have tired lots of things to day like restarting my router and tv.. says my connection strength is excellent yet can't stay connected

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Re: Roku tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

Maybe interference if you're connected to 2.4g frequencies? (Maybe neighbors got new devices for Christmas and there's more congestion on the band your router is using.). I would change the router/access-point to a different band. If you have a 5g-capable router, I'd configure the router to require the tv's mac address to use 5g (assuming the tv can do 5g).

In Home>Settings>Advanced System settings, there is a network connection reset. I'd try that. Also in Settings>Power this is a system restart (not factory reset). I might try that (like rebooting your pc can sometimes clear things up).

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Level 7

Re: Roku tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

I was to flustered and did the factory reset already. Seems to be working fine for now but if it happens again I will take that into consideration! Thanks for the idea