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Roku streambar audio connection for blu ray player

Hi, I just got a new roku stream bar and it works great. However, I have an older hdtv and I would also like to use the streambar for my blu ray player and Nintendo switch. Do I need to get some sort of converter? I ordered an av to hdmi converter, but it didn’t work. Should I try to order an optical to coaxial converter instead? Thanks.

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Re: Roku streambar audio connection for blu ray player


Thanks for the inquiry.

If you are looking to connect your Roku Streambar to your TV, you will either need to connect via HDMI (ARC) or through HDMI and optical cable.

For more information about how to connect your Roku Streambar, visit our Support page here: Set up your Streambar

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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