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Roku soundbar going mute and no video signal

Hello Community ... I need everyone's help. I own the Roku soundbar (owned for 3 weeks and actual use of ~2 weeks) and I'm having the following issues which started this past weekend (3/7/20). 

1. The soundbar auto mutes for no reason at all. I'll have to either press the mute button, adjust the volume or unplug the soundbar and plug it back in to get sound back. 

2. The video signal is lost but sounds and all the controls work as I can hear it going through the screens as I'm pressing the buttons on the control and I can hear the audio from the show that was on before the signal is lost.  Unplugging the soundbar and plugging it back in has worked 2 or 3 times, but last night that didn't even help and the signal did not return. 

Has anyone else experienced the issues and how did you resolve it outside returning the unit. 

Thank you!  

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Re: Roku soundbar going mute and no video signal

@hobiek Thanks for reaching out here! Let's see what we can do to help. A few more questions here to better understand your setup and usage: 

- Are you streaming content directly from your Soundbar when you observe the loss of audio, or are you playing something on your TV or a connected device? 

- Does this issue occur when you are watching content from a specific streaming channel or source, or more than one? Please provide specific examples of streaming channels, or sources, and indicate if you were playing this on your TV or from the Soundbar itself? 

- When you say you have to press the mute button or adjust the volume to get sound back, are you using your TV remote, or the Soundbar's remote?

- Have you tried replacing the HDMI cable connecting the Soundbar to your TV? Have you also tried connecting the Soundbar to a different HDMI ARC port on your TV, if available?  

With more information, we can continue assisting you, or help get you in touch with our Support team directly, if needed. 




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Re: Roku soundbar going mute and no video signal

I am experiencing the same issues. Tried multiple streaming channels, ( boomerang, Netflix, hulu, etc) , changed HDMI ports, changed cables, no impact. 

Roku home screen is visible but none of the streaming channels video will come through. 

Only had it for 2 months. used occasionally. 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku soundbar going mute and no video signal


Thanks for the information.

Please send me a PM with your Roku account email address, and include the serial number on the Roku device along with a summary of the issue you are experiencing. I'll be able to assist you further from there.



Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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