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Roku sound bar + Roku tv used together

I purchased a Roku Sound Bar for an older tv. This older tv now needs to be replaced. 

If I purchase a Hisense Roku Tv can I use a Roku Sound Bar with a Roku TV?

If yes, which remote would I use to control both?

Would I be better off our buying a non-Roku tv?

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Re: Roku sound bar + Roku tv used together

Do you mean streambar (can the device stream video?)

I think streambar (all models) can do 4k, so a good quality 4k TV with Streambar would be a better option than a Roku TV. 

Or sell the streambar and get one of the better Roku TV (TCL reviews well), and enhance sound of that with a non Roku sound bar if wanted (unsure if Roku wireless speakers can work with Roku TV or only devices).

Not having both simplifies the "which control to use" question.

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Roku Employee

Re: Roku sound bar + Roku tv used together


Thanks for the inquiry.

You can use your Roku audio product with a Roku TV. 

For more information about connecting your Roku audio product with a Roku TV, visit our Support page here: Set up your Roku TV Ready soundbar


Danny R.
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Re: Roku sound bar + Roku tv used together

Danny, I have a 5 Series TCL Roku TV, and purchased a streambar to go with my Roku Wireless speakers. Now when I'm streaming, I don't have access to Dolby Vision content. I believe this is because my streambar is now the default streaming device rather than my TV's internal Roku. Is there any way to fix this? I want to be able to use the streambar for audio but stream in Dolby Vision through my TV's internal Roku.

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