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Roku smart soundbar encountering problems

1- I have a deep smoothed brown noise black screen showing on my tv while steaming on my roku, it pop up while trying to watch a content on YouTube app rakuten Viki app so far. 

2- the HDCP 2.2 error message appearing while trying to watch a content on YouTube app. And still appearing even though I have followed all the instructions on how to fix it, I even went to buy two different hdmi cable and it’s still happening.

3- know since yesterday my roku smart soundbar turn itself on when I have turn it off... it doesn’t matter how many times I turn it back off it’s just turns back on after a few minutes. 

4- the sound, I don’t know what it’s but I think it is a bug or something. Example; my soundbar it’s off and a noise sound comes out or while I was watching it comes out a big sound and then goes down like a “boom and bam”.

5— the roku support team doesn’t know how to handle this type of situations. I have been patient but instead the roku smart soundbar, later on comes back with another issue.  when the first hasn’t be solved yet.

I am really disappointed, it’s been two and a half months. What can I do? Return it how? Or have you guys know the solution for any of my issues? The most important to my right at the moment it’s the problem #3 if any one can advance me please. I will be very grateful! 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku smart soundbar encountering problems


Thanks for the post.

If you are already in touch with our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with them regarding the issue you are experiencing as they would best be able to assist you moving forward.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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