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Roku service, why can’t i connect my tv to the internet

About a week ago i was given a roku tv for my birthday, i started setting it up as soon as possible; everything went smoothly until i had to connect to the internet. Once i open “Network” and press “Connect and activate now” i press wireless then choose a network, i choose my internet then choose “i am at home”. the tv then scans the network and after a short wait i get an error that says “Unable to connect to Roku Service”. Ive tried everything at this point, it doesn’t even show a code for the roku url, if i try connecting again for the error it just brings up the options to “get a new code”, “back”, or “more options”. when i press get a new code the screen splits for a second and then goes back to the same three options, same thing happens when i press back, and in more options it gives me an option to “restart” or “factory reset” ive tried both to no avail. anyone willing to help?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku service, why can’t i connect my tv to the internet


Thanks for the post.

Are you still experiencing an issue setting up your Roku TV? Depending on what day you were trying to activate your TV, it's possible that you were trying to set up your Roku TV on the day that there was a Roku service outage last week.

We recommend rebooting both your wireless router and your Roku TV to see if you are still seeing an issue.

I'd also recommend trying to connect your device to an alternate network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if you can try to connect and setup your Roku TV. Then once you have finished setting up your Roku TV, try switching back to your home wireless network.

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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