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Roku now using auto added channels & commercial at login

I do not need, nor do I appreciate Roku's new "auto adding" channel scheme each time I log in.  I do not appreciate their ads popping each time I log in.  I find these schemes to be beyond distasteful & highly annoying.  If I want to buy a Roku product I can look up what's new.  I pay for streaming services in order to avoid commercials.  I hope I am not alone in these sentiments.

Roku refuses direct customer interaction in order to eliminate labor costs associated with live reps.  Roku does not seem to appreciate their greatest asset; their customers.  I believe that an Amazon Fire Stick is in order.  Personally, I'm tired of Roku's games.  So, I have ordered an Amazon Fire Stick & am canceling my Roku account.  I would suggest everyone do the same. Amazon offers 2 means of "LIVE" customer service contact; by phone & live chat! 🙂

Any company that behaves in a manner contrary to their customers needs doesn't deserve those customers & their money!  Bye, bye Roku & good riddance!!!!!!!

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