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Reel Rookie

Roku keeps disconnecting from internet only on certain apps

So I’ve seen many topics and all of the roku support staff have the wrong solution so I am posting this as I am unable to reply to the other articles as they are marked with solutions even though the original poster says the problem persists.  Hopefully this won’t be removed and the Roku support staff will make note of this as plenty of roku devices have this issue and as far as I can tell tech support has been paying more attention to following the script that points the problem to everything but the roku device of which is where the problem actually is. 

So here is the problem.  You are on in my case discovery+ and at the same point roughly 66% through the episode you get the error message saying unable to play as you are disconnected from the internet.  So you try all of the support responses like moving your tv to the WiFi router in this case it is already within 5 feet but you move it closer.  Next you restart both including a hard reset of the power plug to the roku and using the button combo to do a software restart yet the problem is still there.  Next you try reinstalling the app it it still happens.  No other app has the issue and when monitoring your router you ensure that it never loses connection and that it has more than enough bandwidth available to play the app.  So what to do. Well the real solution is a multipart listed below. 

how to fix the unable to play app as device is no longer connected to the internet error. 

1. Uninstall the application. In the home menu highlight the problem app and press the star button and select remove app.  

2.  Clear the cache.  There are a few ways to do this but I prefer the contra method. “To start, press the Home button five times, then the Up button once, the Rewind button twice, and the Fast Forward button two times. Wait until your Roku turns off and starts back up.”  I copied that from alpha.com rather than retyping it. 

3.  Reinstall the application and the problem will be resolved.  Oh you may try just doing step two as that sometimes also fixes this issue without having to uninstall anything. 


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