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Roku finally allows editing live TV streaming channels

Helped my brother set up his (used) TCL 6 series Roku TV yesterday, and after updating it, I was showing him how to adjust picture settings (* on the remote). That’s when I noticed there is now an option called Manage Channels that allows you to edit not just OTA but also Roku Live TV streaming channels.

This is something that was promised  and has finally been implemented. Now you can turn off all those live TV streaming channels that you will never watch and leave the ones you want to see on just like over the air channels.

Unfortunately my TCL 6 series hasn’t received this yet, though my TCL 4 series has. Oddly both sets have V. 10.0.0 build 4209-30 so I don’t know why one gets the new feature and the other does not.

Anyway, thought I’d mention it so you could check it out for yourself if you hadn’t noticed yet.


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