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Reel Rookie

Roku “easy” wireless surround system SUCKS & so does their “customer” service

Been trying for TEN DAYS To get the speakers to connect they wouldn’t connect to the Roku TV so I bought a Roku smart bar and now they won’t connect to that either all I gets a little Spinny wheel it  see’s the devices , then gives me a unable to pair message.... after chatting online with a Roku “technician” he tells me that it’s not their issue opens a ticket number for me and tells me I’ll have an email soon... after about two or three days I finally get an email that’s not even close to what we talked about no mention of the sound bar only the TV, then their awesome and excellent customer service people only send me links basically repeating what the books and everything that you read online as you Google of things to try that anybody with common sense would’ve already done. So I’ve got $500 with the paperweights these stupid things are going back tomorrow and I’ll purchase a reputable surround system that actually functions and easy to set up not one that such a huge disappointment Roku sucks their product suck and their customer service sucks...

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Re: Roku “easy” wireless surround system SUCKS & so does their “customer” service

Thanks for the post.

We would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps provided our Support page here: How do I resolve issues pairing my Roku® wireless speakers?

In addition, if you are already in contact with our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with them to resolve your issue as they would best be able to assist you moving forward.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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