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Roku bluetooth and internal speaker

I have a TCL 65” TV and a pair of Roku speakers. Due to hearing problems we have the speakers roughly 15 feet from the television set. The internal speaker as I understand it is not supposed to operate with the set up. If that is correct and everything is set up perfectly and we’ve been using it for approximately a year. But as you approach the TV audio itself odd that there’s no sound up there. I bought a stream bar but returned it because it required use of an additional remote. and I do not recall if it worked in conjunction with the Roku pair that I already had. 

what I would like is simply to turn on the internal speaker on the television. If that is possible, please let me know how to do that. If it is not possible, can I buy an additional pair of Roku Bluetooth speakers and put them under the television?

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Re: Roku bluetooth and internal speaker


Thanks for the inquiry.

If you have a Roku TV that is paired to Roku Wireless Speakers, the TV audio will be disabled.

For more information about how to setup Roku Wireless Speakers and optimal placement for the speakers, visit our Support page here: Set up your wireless speakers


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