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Roku Ultra, advanced audio out question

Hopefully someone can answer this, but what are the sound out options available in the Roku Ultra? I want to switch away from my Fire TV for the following reason. One of my TV's has an older receiver (but it was high end) that cannot remix dolby digital content. Amazon created a problem for me because they were sending older 2 channel content as dolby digital, so even though it only contained a left and right, the Fire TV sent this to the receiver in a 5.1 wrapper which meant my center speaker was not used and I could not remix the content to force the center channel to take over. Even if changing the settings on the Fire TV to stereo output it did not make a difference. This only happened on older shows, but it was annoying. The fix, was to use an older model FireTV where stereo out worked as it should. So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how the Roku will work in this same scenario.

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