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Roku TV won't pick up my WiFi but every other WiFi connected device is working fine

I'm not sure why but all of a sudden my Roku TV has stopped connecting to my WiFi. My WiFi hasn't dropped or anything - PC, iPhones, etc. are all still connected fine and the connection is great. When I go to scan for networks on my Roku TV literally every single network within a mile radius comes up... except my WiFi which I'm literally fully connected to on other devices.


Last night it popped up for a few minutes and I was able to watch 15min of 'The Last of Us' up until it paused and noted an error that I was disconnected. Again, I scanned and scanned and my WiFi just never showed up.. but it also never faltered on my phone or PC at all.


Would someone know how to remedy this? My WiFi is fine. I'm able to work, email and scroll timelines on my phone and PC fine but my Roku TV is deciding to not pick up the one and only WiFi signal I need. Is this a wired connection issue or do Roku TV products just fall off eventually? The TV is about 3 years old.. I didn't think it's shelf-life would be this short....

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Re: Roku TV won't pick up my WiFi but every other WiFi connected device is working fine

If your router's Wi-Fi channel is set to "Auto" set it to a fixed channel below 50 or above 150 for the 5GHz band or a channel from 1 to 11 for the 2.4GHz band.  Roku devices don't support 5GHz DFS channels (roughly from 50 to 150) so your router may be trying to use one of those.

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