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Re: Roku won’t connect to WiFi but all other devices in house work!

We have a right to be upset. We paid good money for these TVs. Same problem here. 2 TVs wont connect to the wifi. Everything else in the house does, it has full signal, the TV sees it as having full strength but will not connect. For over a 2 months now I've had to pay for internet I cant use! TV is useless for the purpose it was bought for. Just looking for a actual answer! Please help or dont day anything. Obviously just being patient and diligent isn't working.

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Re: Roku won’t connect to WiFi but all other devices in house work!

@MadAsHell86 wrote:

We have a right to be upset. We paid good money for these TVs.

You're absolutely right. It's like bait & switch. Look at the airplay problem. People have said they bought their tvs specifically for that feature (just as you bought yours to stream, which implies internet connectivity). 

I'd recommend filing a complaint with the FTC and your state's AG (some states have dedicated consumer-protect offices. Others don't, and the AG does it. That would be where to start. If you're in Canada, you probably have better protections.). I don't think this will fix your problem. But, the more complaints, it's like "where there's smoke, there's fire." Investigations begin.

IMO, Roku is like a California wildfire whose smoke can be seen from Colorado. The way Roku blames the tv makers for Roku's updates breaking tvs, it looks like nothing more than "collusion tactics." Nobody's ever responsible. The tv maker says it's Roku. Roku says it's them. The common theme is that it's the customer left with a tv they can't go back to the prior version of software which worked for them.

In your case, I would try the so-called "clear cache." That fixes some problems.

I'd try settings>system>advanced>restart network (or, was that in settings>network? I forget.).

Someone said doing the "check network" caused their tv to connect (when connecting to the network didn't). 

To me: the best solution is to system>advanced>factory reset, but during setup tell it I don't have internet (will set it up later). Then stream using an external HDMI device. ($30 chromecast, or firestick lite). The nice thing about doing this is that the tv is "cut the cord" from Roku. It's protected against further careless/untested updates. I've seen enough to know I've had enough. Roku's as bad as any cable company we "cut the cord" from. (The only difference is that cable companies weren't sanctimonious about saving people from predation).

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.
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