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Reel Rookie

Roku TV not in sync with other speakers via AirPlay multi-room audio

In my home, I have been able to play music via Apple airplay to multiple speakers. My setup consists of 1 HomePod, 2 HomePod Minis, 1 AirPort Express, and 1 TCL Roku TV. The audio synchronization across all of these devices at once was perfect, not a single issue. Until now.

it seems that the Roku TV is 1/3 of a second behind the rest of the speakers (aka it’s not in sync with the rest). I can isolate the issue to the Roku TV because none of my other speakers are experiencing this.

I have tried resetting the TV audio and picture settings. I have tried factory resetting the TV. The issue still persisted afterwards.

I also tried restarting my router, restarting all of the other speakers, disconnecting my sound system from the TV and using the TV speakers. No luck 😕

Any suggestions?

All HomePods are on WiFi. AirPort Express is on Ethernet. Roku TV is on Ethernet. TV has a basic sound system hooked up via 3.5mm (headphone jack) to RCA

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku TV not in sync with other speakers via AirPlay multi-room audio

Here is my (expensive) solution.

I realize that this audio sync issue is one that Roku has to fix with a future update, and as a result I have stopped using the Roku interface. I know it seems drastic, and I am disappointed because I do like the roku interface, however my household uses AirPlay and multi-room audio religiously thus making it a big factor in my smart home/home theater setup.

I purchased an Apple TV 4K and hooked it up to the Roku TV. Issue solved! AirPlay 2  multi-room audio is now working the way should; all devices are in perfect sync with one another.

I also purchased a new Sony Receiver, one that is capable of HDMI-CEC and ARC support, which allows me to have even more control over the home theater setup. The Roku TV’s ARC support came in handy!

 Regardless of my solution, I do hope that Roku looks into a possible solution overall.

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