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Roku TV keeps disconnecting from WIFI

My 32" TCL Roku tv is pretty old at least 2 years old but never had problems till a few months ago. I have the latest software update. I have done a network rest and a tv rest (pinhole) but it keeps disconnecting the wifi and at times it will not even scan to connect to wifi. I'm so frustrated with this tv. I know it's not my internet or router everything else works fine and does not loose wifi connection.


Re: Roku TV keeps disconnecting from WIFI

I had the same issue until recently. I was using two firesticks that were approximately 8 years old on each of my ROKU TV's. I replaced the firesticks with two brand-new ones and instead of powering the firesticks with the TV's USB port like I did previously, this time I used the included AC power plug and have not had a wifi disconnect ever since. My guess is that it is not the TV that is causing the problem, but most likely the firestick and or its source of power, if you are using one.

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