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Roku TV feature request for Calendar 'input'

This is a request to add one more 'input' to Roku TVs.  This would be a pseudo-input source named 'Calendars'.   This source would allow you to add individual calendars by URL and optionally provide a user ID and password for those calendars that required them.  The URLs would point to an Internet Calendar Standard (.ics) file compliant with RCF5545  - which are text-based files of calendar information and generally small.

The view of calendars should be able to be arranged in an array or overlaid. 

Why an 'input source' and not a 'channel'?  Having as an input source would allow me to make it the default source when the TV comes on, similar to what I can do with the cable box, the Blu-Ray player, or the antenna.  So I could turn on my TV and the various calendars would be there.

Why would user ID and password be optional?  Google Calendar provides a 'private' URL for your calendar if you don't want to make if public,  but team calendars (such as Major League Baseball) are public and don't need a password.

Generally user interface options should be up to the manufacturer but I'd strongly suggest allowing the overlay option - for one example, a family could in one view look at doctor's appointments, work commitments, when the Cubs play the Cardinals, _and_ the kid's soccer practices in one full-screen view.

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Re: Roku TV feature request for Calendar 'input'

This Crunchyroll issue doesn't really belong here as part of this feature request


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