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Level 7

Roku TV complaints

Roku is the biggest piece of garbage TV I have ever owned. I’ve given it time. It’s been about 3 years. From the remote that needs to be pointed directly at the tv with nothing blocking its way, to the lag on the screen, to the fact that I pay Hulu and have hbo but yet can’t watch certain things because of hbo max and hbo and all this stuff. BUT I can’t download the Hbo max app because of roku. It’s such a pain and it’s not worth it. I’d rather get an Apple TV or **bleep** even a old tube style is better at this point. 

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Level 16

Re: Garbage

I like a TV to just be a TV myself.  (In fact, really just a display since I don't even use the TV's audio.) However, I assume it has a few HDMI ports so you should still be able to add Apple TV etc.  Or you could add a Roku with a wi-fi point anywhere remote.

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