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Roku TV change from 1080 to 720 ?????

I need to change my Roku TV from 1080 to 720 (it's a SHARP) - even called them - they looked thru the "owner's manual" said - it should be possible - but they can't figure it out ?????  The setting is available on both my premiere+ , no problem there - not on my Roku TV ....suggestions?

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Level 13

Re: Roku TV change from 1080 to 720 ?????

If a TVs native mode is 1080p, you don't change the resolution on the TV itself but on the source you're plugging into the tv.. let's say you have a Blu Ray player or an Xbox. There should be a setting on your Blu Ray or Xbox that lets you change the resolution.

I've never had a tv that let me change the resolution of the TV itself, and I've owned 7 different ones.

Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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