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Roku TV built in Chromecast not supported over 5Ghz WiFi connection (Sharp 55")

I recently upgrade my router to support 5Ghz band to improve speed/reliability for my devices. At the same time I noticed that my chromecast icon disapeared from all my apps (phone, tablets, etc...) By reaserching the web I found that Chromecast 1st Gen only supports 2.5 Ghz band while Chromecast 2nd Gen supports both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz. Luckily my router supports both bands so I tried conecting my TV to the 2.5 GHz and the chromecast icon came back. Now I have to decide between getting the best possible quality content from my streaming services with 5 GHz or having the capability of chromecasting from my devices to my TV. I guess the question would be... Is this something that can be upgraded through software updates or is it a hardware limitation?

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