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Roku TV and Streaming Player

I have the new Roku streaming player and I am looking to buy the Roku 55" TV.  From what I have read the TV has Roku built in.  This sounds like I do not need the streaming player anymore.  Can I give it away or what?  Thanks
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Re: Roku TV and Streaming Player

Well, you can buy a 55" TV without Roku and continue to use your Roku player. You can buy the Roku TV and put the player on another TV, gift it to a family member, sell if on EBay, donate it to charity, or drive over it with your car. Whatever you would like to do with it.  Smiley LOL
There's pros and cons to having the Roku within the TV itself. Simplifies using the TV, no worries about HDMI connection issues. But if the Roku software breaks, the TV is unusable. Not saying it's a likely happening, but that's a possible issue with any device with multiple functions (TVs with DVD players inside, Blu Ray players that also include the amplifiers and speakers for 5.1 sound, etc.)
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Re: Roku TV and Streaming Player

You can give the Roku box away- just make sure to reset it to factory defaults before you do.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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