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Roku TV Wireless Scan always unsuccessful

I have a TCL Roku that is newly purchased and was working fine and connecting to wifi with no issues. However a day or two ago, it disconnected and will not show any wireless connections. I try to scan and it either fails, the screen freezes, or no networks show up and asks to scan again for it to keep being unsuccessful. I have already tried restarting it, hard restarting it, and unplugging it multiple times. I know it is not my wifi because every other device I have works perfectly fine on the Wifi. 

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Re: Wireless Scan always unsuccessful


Try restarting your router.  Then restart the Roku again.  If that is unsuccessful, you should next verify that your router settings are configured correctly to establish a wireless connection to your Roku. (Need to login to your router and look for "Wireless Settings")

2.4 ghz band -  radio On/Enabled,  mode/protocol b/g/n (preferably g/n), bandwidth/channel width 20mhz, and wireless channel set between 1 and 11.

5 ghz band - radio On/Enabled, mode/protocol n/ac, bandwidth/channel width 20mhz or 20/40 (can experminent with higher numbers after successfully connecting), and wireless channels 36-48 or 149-161.

A good lot of the connection problems stem from the fact that the Wireless Channel selection is set to AUTO and the router sometimes chooses an incompatible channel with the Roku (more so on the 5ghz band than 2.4 ghz band though.)

The RokuTV (as well as any other Roku device) should at least be able to connect to the 2.4ghz band if router and TV are operating correctly.

When you go to Settings...Systems...About are you seeing both an IP address and a MAC address listed?

In order to help rule out a Roku problem, can you connect the RokuTV to a mobile hotspot (if available to you)?

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